Oval Shaped Totem Suit Bolo Tie


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Introducing the Oval Shaped Totem Suit Bolo Tie, an exceptional accessory that seamlessly combines cultural symbolism with a touch of sophistication. This unique piece features a meticulously designed oval-shaped pendant, inspired by indigenous totem motifs. The intricately crafted design exudes a sense of heritage and artistry, making it a perfect addition to your formal or everyday attire.

The adjustable cord ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to wear it with confidence and make a statement that celebrates cultural diversity. Whether you’re attending a special event, expressing your appreciation for tradition, or simply adding a touch of unique style to your outfit, this bolo tie effortlessly fuses the essence of heritage with contemporary elegance.

Elevate your look with the Oval Shaped Totem Suit Bolo Tie, a symbol of cultural fusion and a tribute to the rich tapestry of human creativity that complements your style in any setting.

  • Pendant width is approximately 1.6 inches by 2.0 inches in diameter.
  • Leather Chain length is about 41.7 inches.




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